Covid-19 Info

During this period of social distancing, Villa le Nid has everything to allow for a serene stay. Indeed, Villa le Nid is a detached home, and offers several independent guest entrances to the duplex apartments. Its private garden, right in the city, invites you to relax and enjoy the various furnished spaces, tables, armchairs and deckchairs. On the other hand, we set up a minimum 24 hours gap between 2 rentals, thus maximize the ventilation of the accommodation. Although we obviously did not wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to comply with basic hygiene rules, recent events have led us to redefine the concept of "cleanliness" within our establishment Also, to ensure both the well-being and health safety of our guests, here are our 7 golden rules at Villa le Nid.

1. Ventilation

Renewing the air in a home is the best antidote. After each check-out, the apartment is immediately ventilated for a minimum of 24 hours. The Mediterranean air and the sunshine do the rest. The air twirls and renews itself in our apartments, for your own benefits.

2. Rules of common sense during your stay

Exceptionally, we will remove most non-essential documents and items. We can provide you with certain tourist documentation, upon request. The use of air conditioning can facilitate the spread of the virus and we urge you not to use it. It is for your own good and that of the planet as well. All duplex apartments at Villa le Nid have tilt-and-turn windows and Nice-style shutters, which during the hot weather allow the home to be shaded and keep a little cool.

3. Respect of protection measures during cleaning.

Just a few weeks, months ago, the mention of "barrier" measures could have reminded you of the barriers that secured the roads when trains passed. From having heard so much of it these days, you know what these measures cover: masks, gels, and gloves, the victorious triptych against the spread of the virus that has so suddenly burst into our lives. We therefore comply with the directives issued by the government.


During the cleaning process, we use "virucidal" products validated by European standard 14476, which eliminate up to 99.9%. of viruses, germs & bacteria.

5. Use of disposable supplies

Exceptionally, we use disposable cleaning supplies, to make sure there is no spread of the virus from one room to another. Whenever available, we use supplies made from recycled materials, and if possible, biodegradable.

6. Very high temperature fabrics washing

We opted for a 60° wash for all our fabrics, bed linen, towels, kitchen linen, adapted to our quality supplies, Egyptian cotton, bed linen in 78 thread count percale.

7. Items to be cleaned and disinfected

Door handles

Balcony railing

Hangers and luggage rack


Mood lamps

Tables and chairs

Remote commands

TV and DVD player

Bedside tables


Window sills and handles



Small white goods

Garbage and recycling bins





Hair dryer

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap dispensers